Singles League


Doubles League


  • Step 1: Show Up On Time
  • Step 2: King's Court Style Matches with 4-Minute Timer
  • Step 3: At Each 4-Minute Interval, Winning Player/Team Moves 1 Way and Losing Player/Team Moves the Other Way
  • Step 4: After 28 Minutes, Players/Teams Should Be Competitive & Meaningful. King's Court Ends, and Round Robins are Formed Based on Current Player Positions
  • Step 5: Have Fun Playing Meaningful Matches
  • Step 6: Every 3 Months We Will Host a Party (still open to anybody), with Fun Prizes and Snacks

Prairie Member Cost: FREE

Base Member Cost: $10

The Most Flexible League Design Ever. 

Wanting to bring a friend to try it out?  Have to miss a session because of a wedding?  Injured last second?  Don’t want to worry about your ranking dropping or having to play for 3 weeks before you are back up to your proper group?  Don’t want to worry about refunds or no shows, No problem, we got you covered 😉

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