Looking for the ultimate play experience to maximize quality and quantity of matches while allowing for the flexibility that is needed for adults who have conflicting schedules and responsibilities?  Try our our New Singles and Doubles Leagues and let us know what you think!

Singles League

Saturdays, 4:30pm-7:00pm

Doubles League

Sundays, 6:30pm-9:00pm

  • Step 1: Show Up On Time
  • Step 2: King's Court Style Matches with 4-Minute Timer
  • Step 3: At Each 4-Minute Interval, Winning Player/Team Moves 1 Way and Losing Player/Team Moves the Other Way
  • Step 4: After 28 Minutes, Players/Teams Should Be Competitive & Meaningful. King's Court Ends, and Round Robins are Formed Based on Current Player Positions
  • Step 5: Have Fun Playing Meaningful Matches
  • Step 6: Every 3 Months We Will Host a Party (still open to anybody), with Fun Prizes and Snacks

Prairie Member Cost: $6

Base Member Cost: $12

Feather Shuttles Included

The Most Flexible League Design Ever. 

Wanting to bring a friend to try it out?  Have to miss a session because of a wedding?  Injured last second?  Don’t want to worry about your ranking dropping or having to play for 3 weeks before you are back up to your proper group?  Don’t want to worry about refunds or no shows, No problem, we got you covered 😉

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